An outreach ministry to our struggling young adults in Fremont County


Joetta Bender

Joetta Bender

Ministry Founder

I had the privilege of being one of the Fremont County Juvenile Detention Screeners, Trackers and Mentors for 16 years. Best job of my life! 🙂 It was at that time when my God-given purpose and my addiction to meth collided… I have been set free from the soul-sucking addiction to meth for 21 years now. I have always had a desire to lead our youth from destruction, addiction, crime, abuse, self-sabotage, and hopelessness into a “life-changing” relationship with Jesus.

My hope as a mentor has always been that these young people would, in turn, become mentors and do far greater things in their lives – that my ceiling would become their floor. We have a population out there with a very short lifespan… and they’re not gonna make it through the doors of the church… We’ve got to bring the church to them.

My heart is that this ministry would meet them right where they’re at (like Jesus did with me) that we would bring light into the darkness and introduce them to the King!

“For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

– James 2:13


“…Joetta is constantly there for me… She was able to help me step forward in my faith… I got to know God on a level I didn’t know was possible… She helped me get clean. Mercy Over Bondage helped me realize I’m good enough for God…”





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About a year and a half ago, a fellow church member mentioned that Joetta Bender was starting a new ministry.  Chris & I both felt compelled from the start to support it, even though we barely knew Joetta.  Once we heard from her what the ministry was about, we signed up as monthly supporters immediately.  For years, we’ve housed youth in our community in need of a place to stay and help in getting back on the right path.  It became so obvious that Joetta is CALLED to this group of teens and young adults struggling with addiction, lack of direction, brushes with the law, lack of family support etc.  It’s tax deductible and she keeps excellent records as to how each dollar is spent.  It’s beautiful and amazing how one person equipped by God can change the lives of so many young people.  Her primary focus is bringing these young people to Jesus, but she assists in any way she can.  Just this past summer, she counseled and assisted 2 young adults into rehab facilities to free themselves from the Bondage of addiciton!  She’s found homeless kids places to stay, written and encouraged and helped financially young adults in jail, brought groceries to trap houses, paid for several young adults to attend much needed counseling sessions, and (best of all!) led many young people to Christ!  God is using her to bless our county.  Won’t you consider supporting this ministry financially?  – Jen Harrigan